It’s time for The Pretty Dish Book Club in JUNE!
the pretty dish book club in june I
June. Freaking June. How are we here already?! Time is flying.
You guys are absolutely KILLING it with this book. I have heard from some of you who have made close to 30 (YES, THIRTY!!!) recipes from the book already. I’m insanely inspired by you and you guys are making me want to cook constantly from my own book!
Which is awesome, aside from the fact that I need to test NEW recipes for you… bahahaha.

The Pretty Dish Book Club Facebook group is nothing short of amazing. The recipes and tips people share there are incredible. I mentioned it last month, but the way the community is with creating and sharing recipes (along with tons of tweaks for gluten free, dairy free, weight watchers friendly, etc) blows my mind. Checking in on the group and commenting on the posts is seriously the best part of my day!
And here are just a few of the fabulous creations on that you shared in May on instagram!

Bacon and shallot asparagus! Thanks @nani1965 for the asparagus ☺ #theprettydish

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There are HUNDREDS more! If you have your book, request access to join the group! We’re doing lots of fun things in there along with some exclusive giveaways!

May was such a fun month. I saw more people fall in love with salmon after making the BBQ blackened salmon than I thought possible. Lots of you made the burgers this past weekend and the strawberry tart was also a huge hit.

But now… it’s time to move on to these hot hot hot summer months. So!

June Book Club Recipes

For June’s book club recipes, we have all sorts of summery options! Breakfasts and snacks, lunch and dessert! See below for all this deliciousness that we’re going to cook together in June.

the pretty dish book club in june I

Pitaya Popsicles (or bowls!)

the pretty dish book club in june I

Bacon Blue Chopped Shrimp Salad

the pretty dish book club in june I

Poblano Pesto Zoodles (just the pesto, or both!)

the pretty dish book club in june I

Salted Peanut Butter Mousse with Whipped Marshmallow

the pretty dish book club in june I
Cucumber Fizz

If you recall from last month’s post, these recipes are just an idea for things we can cook together! Over in the Facebook group, people make tons of recipes from the book (and the blog!) all the time. These are just fun seasonal options that we can make together and share. I love the cucumber fizz on a hot summer day (so refreshing!) and you can make either the pitaya bowls, the pops or both. The chopped salad is one of my favorites from the book (it is INSANE!) and the zoodles are such and easy vegetarian option – but you can always add chicken, shrimp or steak! You can also make the pesto alone and use it on pizzas or omelets or… whatever.

And of course, the peanut butter mousse is a great no-bake option. Please note that for the PB mousse, it’s one of the recipes where there is a typo in the first printing (it has since been corrected in the other printings!) – the marshmallow calls for 1/2 cup of cream of tartar, but it’s 1/2 teaspoon!

I can’t even WAIT to see what you guys do this month!

As a quick reminder, here’s how you can join The Pretty Dish Book Club:

  1. get your book!
  2. join the Facebook group!
  3. share your creations in the Facebook group and on instagram all month long with the hashtags #prettydishbookclub (using #howsweeteats and #theprettydish help too!)

Thank you guys so much for all of your support with the book! xo