tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Craving this grilled green bean salad. Doesn’t it look incredible?!

2. Who has tried an impossible burger? And what are your thoughts. Tellll me.

3. This warmed my heart! A 96-year old woman who had her own system for reviewing books.

4. Peonies are definitely the new avocado toast. If you buy peonies and don’t even instagram them, are they really in a vase in your house? NO.

5. Okay so now that the Axe/Wendy/Chuck drama appears to be over, I’m really bored with Billions. Ugh! I hope that something huge happens here at the end to bring it back. Also verrrrry excited about these Affair previews.

6. These four common misconceptions about success? Hellllo #3.

7. Very much want to invest in a soft serve machine. I wish that was a thing.

8. Coming next week: the howsweeteats rosé guide for your summer! But I want to know – what is your favorite? I know we all have access to different brands. I love a very dry rosé and yesterday at the pool we were drinking Notorious Pink. It was SO good.

9. P.S. Did you see my summer reading list? Share what you’re reading over there in the comments! So many good recs.