tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. The prettiest rainbow salad spring rolls. Need them in my life.

2. Honestly, do you think we EVER will feel our age? I still feel so ridiculously young! Why? How? I look at how my mom talks about effortlessly mothering (with confidence!) and feel like I will never feel that way, and I’m two kids in. Crazy?!

3. See also: my mom came with me to Salt Lake City last week and at 6:45am she was IRONING MY DRESS in the hotel room. No idea why I feel like I’m still 17…

4. My new favorite thing: how to start a heartsong journal. I’m in love.

5. I say it every week but how freaking fantastic was Billions! Oh my gosh. Except for the Bobby and Lara thing. Like are they showing us his downfall with this? I’m so confused and feel like they left out chunks of the story that we have to fill in. Have you guys seen all the previews for The Affair? Eeep I can’t wait. And. What the heck was up with that Grey’s episode?

6. I’m always so interested in this: how Kate Hudson gets it done.

7. Right now all I want in life is a peanut butter rice krispie treat. That is all.

8. Oh but wait! What are your plans for the royal wedding? I’ll be in a hotel room in Atlanta. And speaking of, where should we eat in Atlanta? Only have 24 hours!