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Another avocado toast RECIPE. Another egg avocado toast recipe, to be exact.

I mean, who doesn’t need another recipe for avocado toast, which doesn’t even require a recipe in the first place?

We do!

shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

This avocado toast has been on my mind ever since having a version of it at The Press Hotel when we were in Maine last summer. It is practically the same combo of avocado + egg toast that I eat often, but these few tweaks? Make it so fancy and fun!

shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

Speaking of Maine, I am dyyyying to go back. We went in late August and I wouldn’t mind doing the same time of year again. It was the best. But we really want to stay right on the beach this time. And there are so many options. What beach? In a condo or a house, all those things. And since I’m super late in the game and last minute, I’m sure all the good places are booked.

Of course. Welcome to my life! I just fly by the seat of my pants for everything.

shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

And I want to go back so I can also eat this toast again. It’s a little much for me for breakfast, but it’s the perfect brunch or lunch toast. Or heck, even dinner!

At least, dinner for me.

Eddie would basically die if I tried to convince him that this was dinner.

shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

So, yes. I’m definitely trying to pass off this avocado toast today as a legit recipe on my food blog. But as a millennial who apparently thrives off of the validation of invisible internet friends (hiiii I love you!), I have to say that I love this toast for a good reason!

First, shaving a hard boiled egg. I mean, I know. That sounds weird and frankly – gross. But by “shaving,” I just mean running it through a cheese grater. Sure, it’s not something you’re going to do on Monday morning before work, but it IS something that you could do for a lovely weekend breakfast, brunch with friends, or just a moment when you want avocado toast to seem not so basic and super EXTRA.

The toast at The Press Hotel also had a lemon emulsion drizzled on top. While it was good and I do love lemon, it wasn’t my favorite part of the toast. I’ve become really weird and don’t like citrus with my avocado toast. It reminds me too much of guac, which isn’t what we’re going for at all. So I left it up to you here to just do a spritz!

To finish things off we have flavorful and crunchy garnishes in the form of radish and chives. Lots of salt and pepper! A hint of lemon.

Just when you thought that poaching an egg was tricky, now I’m telling you to go ahead and SHAVE it. It’s definitely 2018.

shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

Shaved Egg Avocado Toast

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  • As a note, here's how I made my favorite boiled eggs! Place the eggs in a saucepan and fill it with cold water. Heat the saucepan over medium heat (this is important!) and once it starts to simmer, let it simmer for 1 minute. Remove the pan from the heat and cover it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, transfer the eggs to an ice bath. Let them chill for at least 30 minutes, then either use them or store in the fridge!
  • Take the hard boiled eggs for the toast and use a cheese grater on them to get the egg shavings. Toast your bread!
  • In a bowl, mash the avocado (to the consistency you prefer) with the red pepper flakes and a pinch of salt and pepper. Spread the avocado on the toast. Top each slice with the egg shavings - pile it on high!
  • Add the radish slices, and the chives. Sprinkle on an additional pinch of salt and pepper. Spritz with lemon and serve!

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shaved egg avocado toast I howsweeteats.com #avocado #toast #egg #breakfast

LOTs of coffee too please! Or maybe mimosas. Hmmm.