And we’re back for another month!

the pretty dish book club - july I

Welcome to The Pretty Dish Book Club for JULY!

I know that I sound like such a broken record, but the Pretty Dish Book Club is SO incredible. I’m insanely inspired by the private Facebook group and all of you that continue to participate day after day! You are making my YEAR!!

Here’s a peek at just a few of the recipes you shared on instagram for June’s book club recipes:

Barely even the tip of the iceberg since there are hundreds (thousands?) more on instagram and Facebook. Be sure to keep sharing your pics because I’m also featuring them in my instagram stories a few times a week! I’m blown away at the things you are making and sharing. THANK YOU! If you haven’t grabbed your book yet, you can get a copy right here.


First up?


That’s right, our first recipe for the month of July is the summer cheese board and I want to see yours! Post them on instagram, share them on Facebook, send them to me via insta stories or DM – I can’t wait to see and feature the heck out of them.

the pretty dish book club - july I

Summer Cheeseboard

the pretty dish book club - july I

Baked Whitefish

the pretty dish book club - july I

Peach Burrata Panzanella Salad

the pretty dish book club - july I

Summer Garden Pizza

the pretty dish book club - july I

Blueberry Peach Cobbler Bars

the pretty dish book club - july I

Affogato Bar

I want to highlight all the incredible produce that we have right now, especially peaches! So many of you have already made the cobbler bars and you’re LOVING them. And as a bonus, I wanted to throw in the affogato bar too! If you haven’t experienced the amazingness that is hot espresso poured over ice cream? You must. I can’ wait to see what flavors you choose.

The baked whitefish is such an incredible light recipe for dinner. You can make it on the grill too. And as for the peach salad – throw in some grilled chicken or salmon or shrimp if you’re feeling it.

Remember, these recipes are just a guide for us to cook this month. You can make whatever you’d like! Members in the facebook group make tons of recipes (some of you are up to 30+ recipes! WHAT!) and share them all, with tips and tricks and modifications. It’s incredible!

As a quick reminder, here’s how you can join The Pretty Dish Book Club:

  1. get your book!
  2. join the Facebook group!
  3. share your creations in the Facebook group and on instagram all month long with the hashtags #theprettydish (using #howsweeteats helps too!)

Thank you guys so much for all of your support with the book! xo

p.s. You can find past book club entries HERE.