tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. So. Who else goes out and does a huge grocery run and then gets so hungry that when you get home that you insist on ordering take out? Or going out to eat? This is my life.

2. How perfect is this simple chocolate cake with ganache? Oh my gosh.

3. It almost feels sacrilegious to put these strawberries in a dessert – they are THAT sweet. It’s the one time of year when I can agree that fruit is dessert.

4. That Billions finale. OMG. First, I absolutely loved the ending. Loved loved loved it. Like it was pretty much what I was waiting for and hoping for after we had them team up in the middle of the season. Taylor? Ugh. I’m torn between wanting them to go down but also rooting for them since they are right – Axe did teach them to be like that! I just loved it all. Such a good show. Oh and also… I started watching Southern Charm. From the beginning!

5. The self-checkout at Target is terrifying. Like have you ever looked up while you’re standing there and BOOM. Your huge face is on a huge screen and you’re staring at yourself and you just want it to stop.

6. The boring-ness of my life this entire week is becoming apparent since I just wrote about grocery shopping TWICE.

7. I adore Jocelyn’s take on her birthday. Those paragraphs she wrote? Sound like they came right out of my brain too. I can totally relate!

8. From the time I was a young kid, I’ve had weird anxiety about tornados. I mean, I was/am petrified of them – and we don’t even live in an area where they are common. I don’t know where it stemmed from (maybe the Wizard of Oz? ha.) but I can’t stop watching this video of storm chasing. Insane.

9. Name your best s’mores combination. Ready set go! (p.s. I’m thinking mine would include pretzels.)