The Pretty Dish Book Club – August!

Welcome to The Pretty Dish book club for AUGUST!

the pretty dish book club I

Woohoo! How fantastic is it that we’ve been cooking through this book since March? I love it oh-so much. Crazy that we’re here!

You guys have been kicking butt when it comes to recipes. July was awesome. The private Facebook community continues to rock my world. Everyone is so helpful, motivating, inspirational and passionate. Some of you have cooked through more than HALF of this book already.

All I have to say is thank you thank you thank you for making this book so well loved!

Here’s a few instagram highlights from July.

I love love love seeing what you make from the book and sharing it too. It makes my day.

And now, for our next monthly adventure…


We’ve got all sorts of deliciousness here to round out summer.

the pretty dish book club I

Zucchini Bread Pancakes

the pretty dish book club I

Nectarine Prosciutto Crostini

the pretty dish book club I

Roasted Corn Chowder

the pretty dish book club I

Burst Tomato Bacon Fettuccine

the pretty dish book club I

Twisted Bacon Bloody Maria

the pretty dish book club I

S’mores Bar

This month, we’re celebrating all things seasonal over here with sweet corn in the chowder, cherry tomatoes in the fettuccine and even the bloody maria, nectarines in our crostini and garden zucchini in our pancakes. YES.

And finally, I want to see your s’mores creations! Share them with my on instagram and in our FB group… I hope I see some crazy ones. Don’t let me down.

Remember, these are just suggestions and a guide so we can cook things together this month! Over in the Facebook group, everything shares EVERYTHING (with some of you making almost every single recipe from the book – incredible!) and it’s super inspirational. Modifications, hacks, meal prep – that group is the best.

As a quick reminder, here’s how you can join The Pretty Dish Book Club:

  1. get your book!
  2. join the Facebook group!
  3. share your creations in the Facebook group and on instagram all month long with the hashtags #prettydishbookclub (using #howsweeteats and #theprettydish help too!)

Thank you guys so much for all of your support with this book baby! xo