tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Totally want to grow sunflowers next year. Do I have to do something special for that? Or can I just… plant them?!

2. Also, for the first time ever my basil plants are taken over by japanese beetles. UGH! Trying to fid a non-pesticide/essential oil thing I can do to save them.

3. All I need in life are these toasted s’mores squares. Eeeep.

4. In the midst of the massive heat wave, it never occurred to me to attach the sprinkler to the hose so Max (and I…) could run through it. Very disappointed in myself because as a child of the 90s, every summer day was basically spent running through a sprinkler.

5. Okay I am reeeeally still loving The Affair. While I love the Allison/Cole weeks better, this week was SO good (aside from the devastating news, ugh). Also, I’ve always loved Sanaa Lathan SO much (my brothers and I watched Love and Basketball so much when it came out) and am thrilled she’s in it this season. And is it just me, or are there actually a lot of funny, laugh-out-loud moments? Just when I thought Noah was as unlikable as ever, he really turned it around this week. I love that they are taking so many current issues and putting them into a genuine storyline!

6. We also started The Staircase on Netflix and it scares me so much that I’ve barely slept but I’m also hooked on it. Creepy.

7. Can’t stop watching this. Were you team N*SYNC or BSB? I was BSB all the way.

8. Just saw that amazon prime day is coming up. Is it ever worth it? I know that tons of people buy the instant pot on that day buuuut we know how I feel about that. Meanwhile I’m just over here waiting for the Nordstrom anniversary sale…

9. Obsessed with these productivity tips! I get way off track with interruptions, but also cause many interruptions myself. Hello iPhone.