tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. It’s prime day and you can get an amazing deal on The Pretty Dish! You can also get $5 off of $20 on books with the code PRIMEBOOKS18 so I figured I’d tell you my other top three faves: Seriously Delish (because it’s my first book and I’m shamefully plugging it), Chrissy Teigen Cravings (the drunken noodles are insane! I cook out of this book often.), and The Flavor Bible (if you want to develop your own recipes, this one is perfection.)

2. Pretty sure that the instant pot craze STARTED on amazon prime day a few years ago. Right? Which came first? The instant pot or prime day? Just kidding. I think.

3. Speaking of, I clicked the “deals recommend for you” tab on amazon and what came up first? A tactical vest for nerf guns. WHY DOESN’T AMAZON KNOW ME. Never been so freaked out.

4. Very into these lemon cream bars. Oooooooh.

5. My overuse of the word “amazing” is making me sick but I truly do think so many things are amazing. Must read thesaurus.

6. I love reading The Cut’s How I Get it Done column because I’m, quite frankly, obsessed with people’s routines and how they literally get stuff done. So when I read this one on Joanne Coles, I just about died when she talks about a treadmill desk. A treadmill desk! I want one. I need one. Can I put it in my kitchen?

7. Oh man – I am SO back into The Affair. I loved how they switched it up this past episode. VERY excited with Cole’s half of the show but I’m afraid that the ending I hope for won’t happen! And. I’m into season five of Southern Charm! Um, okay. Cannot stand Thomas. No no no no no. Just no. I really still love everyone else. Love that the girls kind of band together at the beginning here.

8. For quite possibly the first time ever, I started holiday shopping super super early since there are all these crazy sales right now. (OMG right I know.) But I’ve got a ton of my favorite blankets in the world for gifts already and tons of candles because the macaron scent is to diiieee for.

9. Important question I must know: is your ice cream of choice soft serve or hard scooped?

10. No one needs this more than me: set up your room for a great night’s sleep.

11. Trying not to freak out but in my secret wacko brain I feel like it’s basically August which means it’s almost the fall season and I’m like whyyyy.