summer fridays I

HELLO summer friday! It’s the best day of the week!


This past week, Jess from Plays Well with Butter was here and we had the best time. She helped me with some photos + recipes and she came up with the best idea for a cocktail I’ll share soon. We made pizzas for dinner, styled a big cheese board and talked about Beyonce for an hour as if we personally knew her. All the normal stuff.


We ate out a ton this week so I think we’re skipping restaurants or take-out and instead, having super simple and seasonal dishes. I’m so excited to make this brown butter garden veg pasta skillet and maybe some roasted corn caesar salads. I also want to make these chicken cheesesteaks for Eddie because he adores them. Annnnd maybe some of this whole wheat chocolate zucchini cake? I mean, it has candied pistachios!


On a throwback cocktail this weekend: frosty coconut mojitos! These are one of the best and I can’t let summer pass by without making them once.


One of the meals we ate this week was at Morcilla and UGH it is so good. They have lavender sugar marcona almonds and the oxtail plate is unbelievable. Right now they also have this roasted corn in a creamed corn dish and that was fantastic. Annnnnd they have churros. So you know.


Daily brain dumps! Yes, I know that I’ve mentioned the Mel Robbins youtube channel a million times this last month, but this video on feeling overwhelmed is awesome. It perfectly describes how I feel when I get overwhelmed and really hit home with me on why brain dumps are so important. I tend to get overwhelmed and then I’m paralyzed and do nothing. And this is making me take the plunge and do morning pages, even if said morning pages are a not-so-pretty brain dump. Life changing, I tell you.


So excited because I’m starting Colleen Hoover’s All Your Perfects tonight! I am never able to put her books down, so I’m expecting to fly through it. Did you read it yet?


Okay, have you tried the salted cold foam cold brew from starbucks? Um, I had two this week. They are UNREAL. The salted foam is just so, so delicious. I want to try and recreate it here at home so I can have it whenever I want.


I’m a huge proponent of adding things to my online cart and not actually checking out. At least not right away. After a day or two, I know if I reeeeeally want or need something and most of the time, I don’t purchase. Thought it would be fun to tell you what’s in my cart right now: YSL tatouage metallic liquid lip, charlotte tilbury flawless filter youth glow, this tank dress in the olive color, and a bunch of my favorite hand soap.


This week, Lacy made an amazzzzing playlist on some of our favorite covers. It’s so good! Blast it.

summer fridays I

Only a few summer fridays left! Cheers cheers cheers. xoxo