summer fridays I

Happy SUMMER FRIDAY! Enjoy this long weekend. 


The most delicious and simple tomato salad with the tomatoes at their perfect peak. Toss heirloom tomatoes with some lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and shaved parmesan then serve it over greens. SO amazing and so flavorful and fresh.


On as much chilled rosé as I can this long weekend! I’ll be referencing all of your comments in my favorite rosé post too – trying to grab some new ones up for the last few weeks of summer!


SO many good things for Labor Day weekend! Like smoked gouda smash burgers and crispy bacon pasta salad and mini zucchini pizzas and summer cheese plates and spicy watermelon sangria. What are you making?


A beat-the-boredom dinner series over at Sweet Peas Meals in the next few weeks! It’s three meals, 30 minutes or less to bring back the fun + flavor back into the kitchen! Follow along on instagram for launch time details!


The best basic t-shirt and it’s less than $20! I used to go crazy with Mossimo ones at Target, but these are so much better. Lacy and I are obsessed with them. Get the white and black for sure.


To the best of summer 2018, right here.


Currently, two books! Tonight I’m starting Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine and I also just downloaded How to be a Happier Parent on my audible!


Just a few things when it comes to fall decor, because I’m totally decorating this weekend. I AM! First love: the MacKenzie-Childs courtly check pumpkins. I love them so so much. But I also am freaking over these blue luster pumpkins. They almost look holographic.


The start of college football this weekend! Woohoo! I have a ton of football food recipes right here, and check back early next week for something special when it comes to my annual football food post! Eddie is so excited because he has always been a huge Notre Dame fan… but we grew up Michigan fans. My brother is currently going to Notre Dame so now Eddie has someone else on the team. HUGE celebrations to happen every weekend.


Live on instagram. I’m going live soon! Do you guys like instagram lives? What time is best? After work? Lunch hours? Give me the deets.


All things summer fridays! I loved doing this series over the last three months, but now that we’re hitting Labor Day, I’m shelving it until next year. These next four months are my most FAVORITE months to share recipes, so my Friday recipes will be returning. I have so many delicious things coming that I’m actually concerned there aren’t enough days left in 2018 for me to share everything. Thanks so much for sharing summer fridays with me. I post lots of similar content over on Crumbs, especially in my Tuesday Things and in my monthly favorites, so head there if you’re missing this!

summer fridays I

The best of the best.