tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I feel like sometimes you just turn a corner in August and you’re READY for fall. I know we still have a ways to go and I’m certainly not eating any pumpkin… but I think I’m kind of there. I’m ready.

2. Probably because even though we aren’t in back-to-school-mode over here since we aren’t going to school, the school supplies are everywhere and this year they are WILD. There is glitter and unicorns and all sorts of pins to bedazzle backpacks and if I was going into fifth grade or something I would straight up lose my Lisa Frank loving mind. The best part is that Max loves to write and color and use sparkle glue, so we’ve had fun picking a few things up.

3. If I WAS going back to school myself, like in college, would it be a dorm room competition? Have you seen some of these amazing dorm rooms that are totally decked out? They look like they are out of a catalog. If you look at pinterest and search dorm room inspiration, you may be equally amazed and depressed.

4. Ohhh I am so into this iced vanilla rosemary latte.

5. Okay so The Affair! We got some resolution this week but I have NO idea how they will wrap it up next week. And basically I only care about Cole, err, I mean Pacey. Ugggh. And! Yellowstone this past week was so.freaking.good too. We are absolutely obsessed with the show and the storyline.

6. If you haven’t listened to Rise podcast by Rachel Hollis, you must! It is so so good. And funny.

7. This story of finding old love letters... ahhhh. The sweetest thing ever.

8. Current love: tomato confit. All I want to make is slow roasted tomatoes with olive oil and use them on every bite I take.