tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Last night I dropped my slow cooker lid and it shattered into a billion pieces. It was glass – but many of you reminded me that when I first started my blog, I dropped another slow cooker lid and it shattered too! What is it with me and lids?

2. I must ask: did you bite the pumpkin bullet today? Pumpkin spice isn’t my cup of tea, but I might get pumpkin iced coffee from Dunkin. It’s the best and not as spice-like.

3. Does this not look like the most perfect frozen margarita? I don’t even love frozen margs and I want to faceplant into this ASAP.

4. So I  know that plastic straws are horrible and we use mostly glass ones at home (these are my fave), but I CAN’T drink beverages from paper straws in restaurants or whatever. Those straws disintegrate in what seems like seconds! Guess I have to get used to the adult sippy cup.

5. Okay, so TV things! I didn’t watch anything except for the Yellowstone finale and I really liked it but was also confused. I wonder if I just like it so much because it brings me back to my Dances with Wolves Kevin Costner love. I mean, I was, like, eight years old. The other thing I did watch, however, was To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix! It was super cute. So short and quick too.

6. OMG. I hate myself, but this is my life. When people don’t use punctuation, or worse yet, when they use A PERIOD after a text message, I just straight up assume they hate me. Like the other day I texted my mom about a time to bring Max over, and she responded “fine.” FINE? Like FINE, period. That’s the kind of text I would send my high school boyfriend in a fight or something. Communication in 2018 is the worst.

7. Guys, I have a horrific confession. You will not even believe this, especially because I love to read so much, but… I have never read Harry Potter. Never. I feel like it came out at an odd age for me. I was going into high school and I remember my mom reading it to my youngest brother, but I think I was bratty or something and thought I was too old? Maybe? I have no idea. It’s also a very different genre that I was into. But… I can’t wait to read them to Max. And I sort of want to read them now myself, but also want to wait awhile and read them together so we can both be excited.

8. After watching my friend Laura document her sourdough bread making adventures on instagram, I’m obsessed with making my own! However, I fear that this may not be possible for someone as impatient as myself.

9. Tell me about your paper mail storage. I sort of want to put some sort of thing on our wall so the paper and mail stops cluttering up the counter!