Finnnnalllly sharing our favorites!

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Also, kid. I said KID! Like I actually have a kid, who is no longer a toddler. What do I call him? Ha.

Anywaaaaay, these are a few things we have been loving this summer. And actually, for all of 2018. It’s not a super packed list, but these are the things that really stood out. You can go through our other baby favorites to see everything we’ve loved over the last few years. And shortly (eek!) I’ll be doing a favorites on things I use/have for Emilia in that baby stage. Any other faves you’d like to see?!

I could never make a full of list of everything Max loves to play with. He still adores all things cars. The amount of cars we have is nauseating. He plays with this Ultimate Race Garage (his Christmas gift last year) every single day, along with his train table and kitchen. He loves to make us all sorts of food. He’s also super into artsy things – he loves glitter glue, paint pens, painting and coloring. He also lives for play dough! And books are huge for us too. We read a couple every night. One day, my mom read him 16 books in a row, ha! And outside, he loves his scooter and bike.

These things below? They have all stuck out recently.

  • Joovy Spoon Walker. This was a new thing with Emilia – I never had one for Max. This is so fun because she can move all around – she chases Max, he chases her, and she also just likes to hang out in this. I can feed her a few puffs or something if she’s in this while I’m cooking dinner.
  • Fisher Price Little People. Emilia loves allll things Little People! She’s especially into the farm animals right now. We also have the superheros.
  • Fisher Price Beat Bo. I have no idea what it is about Beat Bo, but both of my kids have freaked out over this and loved it. My aunt bought it for Max when he turned one and it’s still going strong. He LOVED it. Emilia loved it so much that we got the little version too!
  • Toomies Hide and Squeak Egg Toys. I bought these for Emilia, but Max loves them too. These entertain him for HOURS. It’s crazy!
  • Inglesina Fast Table Chair. We’ve had this chair since Max was born (it was gifted to us by one of my friends after she raved about it) and it’s the best. Folds up so compactly and is fantastic for travel. It’s also what my mom uses all the time at her house as a high chair.
  • Ingenuity 2-in-1 High Chair Seat. This is our everyday high chair! It’s perfect and a great seat in general. Also great for hotel travel because she can just sit on the floor and eat.
  • Bumkins Reusable Wet Bag. I’ve mentioned these before in my favorites, but they are a MUST HAVE. Diapers, swim suits, messy bibs, etc – these save me. They fold into a tiny thing that you can throw in your purse.
  • Baby Jogger Double Stroller. I debated about this stroller back when Emilia was born. I ended up with the Uppababy Vista (which I looooove!) but really wanted a side by side and something a little more “all terrain” for walks. I know. Trust me, before I had kids, I never understood why anyone would need more than one stroller. We’re obsessed with it though. Fits through all doors, pushes so easily, both kids can nap in it, the sun shade is great, the list goes on and on.
  • Magnetic Doodle Board. We’ve traveled a lot this summer and this is the number one road trip toy! Max adored it.
  • Colorful Creatures Book. I found this on the clearance table at Barnes and Noble a few years ago. We spend time everyday looking at it and it’s super cool.
  • Fat Brain Spinagain. I love all the Fat Brain toys!! They are so bright and colorful and really fun. Max loves it.
  • Green Toys Wagon. Even at 3.5 years old, Max loves to pull and push things. He loves this wagon so much. I love the quality of Green Toys and this gets so much use!
  • Potty Pause. So, this is one I’ve wanted to tell you about for a YEAR! Remember the facebaby?! Well, his uncle developed this when my best friend was potty training her kids. When we brought this out to potty train Max, he was so into it. He had a major issue of not wanting to stop his play to go to the bathroom, and this worked like a charm. I swear this is what made Max actually want to use the potty. Brilliant!

[None of this is sponsored and everything was purchased with my own money! There are a few affiliate links above. xoxo]