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It’s hard to believe that we are entering the last official week of summer. Crazy!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend and eat all the s’mores, drink all the rosé and maybe jump in a pool one more time.

This past week, I shared a bunch of our kid/baby favorites. Along with a 10 month update on Emilia (I mean… speaking of crazy)!

Also, fun Sweet Peas Meals news! Our menu service is accepting new members right now – but only until this coming Friday. We’re offering some super fun bonuses if you sign up now!


Favorites of the week:

indoor pumpkin s’mores!! it’s time.

dying over this one pot hatch chile mac and cheese.

never going to say no to a breakfast taco.

cozy braised chickpeas with squash. sounds so good.

craving all of this vegetable skillet lasagna.

chamomile blackberry ice cream?! interesting.

look at this linguine with clam sauce. whoa.

very into this dessert cheese board.

this concord grape blackberry bourbon fizz. omg.

chicken tinga tacos! i love these.

the best chewy chocolate chip cookies! get it.