tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. We have toys that go off by themselves. I can only describe this as a parenting nightmare. Like it’s 11PM and the kids have been in bed for hours and all of a sudden, a toy somewhere starts singing and blaring music. See also: two weeks ago Max’s toothbrush that has a light timer started flashing in the middle of the night, when no one was in the bathroom. Why does this feel like some sort of horror flick.

2. Speaking of, this is the worst time of year because all those scary movie previews are everywhere and I basically have to hide under the covers constantly.

3. Oh hello homemade salted cream cold foam cold brew! Now I can make it at home.

4. I officially decorated for fall and it feels oh so good! Max was so excited to help me set up pumpkins. It definitely looks like a three year old decorated but I sort of love it and don’t want to move things.

5. While I’m more than obsessed with this time of year, I’m also all about these apps to help us refocus. I love the 7 minute workout!

6. Who watched season two of Ozark?! AH! It is so freaking good. Just as good. We are almost finished and I love it so much. Friday and Saturday night we stayed up until 2am bingeing it.

7. Back when dELiA*s was the only store where I wanted to shop.

8. Saw something over the weekend that Oreo was coming out with wasabi and buffalo wing flavored Oreos. Why is this real life?

9. I love this video SO much. My friend Rachel on after the after of losing 80 pounds.