tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I know we’re in the last week of summer, but look at these granola and no churn banana bars! OMG.

2. Did you see that Henri Bendel is closing?! For some reason that makes me so sad. It kind of reminds me of my high school class trip to NYC.

3. With that being said, I am READY for pumpkins and all things fall. Um, I was even looking at Christmas decor this past weekend. Something about having kids makes me more excited than usual. I also want to decorate our bedroom.

4. TV things! Okay so we’ve been watching Jack Ryan on amazon prime and oh my, John Krasinski, oh my! Eddie was instantly into it but it took me a minute, admittedly. He says it’s what Homeland wishes it was – ha. He’s hated Homeland ever since the second season, BUT OH WELL. It’s good! I’m kind of hooked on it. We’re almost done and have one episode to go. Other than that, I’m waiting on new shows! Are you interested in a Million Little Things? Looks good, but like maybe it’s trying to be another This Is Us?

5. I found this on Tracy’s friday list and it is EVERYTHING: how to eat like a human when you work from home.

6. Anthropologie is usually my go-to place for fun dishes and glassware (regular life and blog props, it’s a thing), but some of the things they have right now? I swear that my mom has the same glasses in her basement from 1971. Everything is new again! I can’t wait until my kids say this about avocado toast or something.

7. The Emmy’s fashion?! I was going crazy over Jessica Biel’s dress. And, um, hello – I need Leslie Jones’ pantsuit. It was basically a unicorn and had my name all over it. And did you see the proposal?! GAH!

8. The museums of instagram? What a phenomenon. Not gonna lie – I’m always wanting to go to one. Like the ice cream sprinkles one.

9. We’re going apple picking this weekend, so hit with me all of your apple favorites. I’m thinking a galette and something caramely appley.