I’m coming in super late with a quickie eleven month update for the happiest baby in the universe!

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

I don’t even know how this child exists. I love her so freaking much. She is the sweetest, happiest chunk of love.

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

We are finally getting teeth!! The tricky part is that they all seem to be coming in at once. Poor babe is waking up so much at night to comfort nurse.

It’s so funny that this is happening right now because otherwise I think Emilia would probably wean herself. She is SO uninterested in nursing throughout the day. She easily goes twelve hours sometimes without nursing, even if I’m attempting to feed her a few times throughout the day. it just blows my mind how night and day different this is from Max. I mean, I’m pretty sure he would still be nursing if I hadn’t stopped in order to hopefully get pregnant with Emilia.

Max is still so super snuggly and Emilia could care less about snuggling. It’s crazy! There have been a few of these nights where her teeth are really bugging her and I nurse her and rock her and she will snuggle for a second. Then she’s basically like MOM PUT ME BACK IN MY CRIB SEE YA LATER.

I secretly love her strong independence at the age of eleven months, haha. Sounds so weird but I’m already feeling like she is such a strong girl and I LOVE it.

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

Hmmmm what else.

She loves food. Like LOVES it. Eats every single thing. Wants whatever someone else is eating. She is such a great eater!

Sleeps okay, but awful right now from the teeth. Before the teeth came, she’d still wake up once or twice a night. I feed her and don’t mind. It’s going so fast – this time will be gone in a flash.

She is super tiny (Max was/is too) and still only weighs like 17 pounds. At 3 years old Max only weighs like 28 pounds so it’s crazy that there are around ten pounds between them. He is super long and lean. She’s on the same track as he was at this age though, which I wasn’t expecting! Still wearing mostly 6 month clothing, but all brands are different. Such a little peanut. Everywhere we go, people think she is six or seven months old.

What’s crazy is that her little feet are so long and narrow. My mom has really narrow feet too (and she looks so much like my mom as a baby!) so maybe it comes from her – but the thing is that she REFUSES to keep shoes on her feet. First, none will stay on because her feet are so narrow. Even with socks! I have like five pairs of freshly picked moccs for her because Max lived in those and they are so great for when they start walking. Even the size 1 just gapes on her foot. If she only has on socks, she rips them off instantly. And now that it’s getting cold out, I can’t have a barefoot babe!

Her feet are so tiny but she is dying to walk. Actually, dying to run. When she is pushing a toy, she goes full speed ahead! I don’t think she will walk before her birthday, but she is definitely getting close. Probably just in time to attack the Christmas tree in another month.

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

She is very rarely unhappy and I don’t know how lucky I got, having two babies who are just so happy.

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

With that being said, now that we are coming around to one full year together, I seriously feel like I went from having one kid to having ten when I had Emilia. Not because she is a handful. She’s super easy going and takes amazing naps and is happy everyday. But having two kids is SO hard. It’s wild and loud and the house always feels like it’s a mess and stuff is everywhere and due to their age difference, they don’t nap at the same time. I swear that Emilia’s naps bookend Max’s one nap, so one of them is always awake. And she won’t be down to one nap for awhile. It.is.exhausting.

I am still loving it though. I can’t imagine not getting to be with them every day. They are so perfect!

And the difficultness from day to day has not deterred me from wanting more kids either. We reeeeally want more but I keep getting freaked out about my age.

emilia at eleven months I howsweeteats.com

And that’s us at eleven months! I’ll be back oh-so fast for a YEAR update. HOW!!?