tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Reeeeally craving a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bar.

2. You guys may remember I have wanted an Apple watch forever and I’m finally going to bite the bullet. Well, I tried over the weekend and the one I wanted was sold out. Whomp whomp. My instant gratification internet brain can’t get over it. If you have the new one, give me deets below!

3. Something super exciting! I finally am sharing my favorite Trader Joe’s exclusive cheese board, right here. It’s an exclusive for my email subscribers, so go get it!

4. After feeling like I lost all semblance of a productive morning routine/workout schedule/weekly and monthly planning routine for life and work since having Emilia, I’ve been working so hard to get back on track and have found some things that work for me. I’m thinking about doing a post on a few in time for the new year if you’re interested.

5. I’m obviously loving This Is Us but ugh, guys I like just can’t take it. I can’t be emotionally devastated every week by a TV show, ha. I also hate to say it but I’m really into A Million Little Things! I can’t believe how quickly they revealed what they revealed to the group.

6. Oh and I also sort of want to watch The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix but am petrified. I mean, I can’t even stand to watch scary movie commercials. Let alone an entire show.

7. Hi my name is Jessica and I am obsessed with buying holiday clothing for my kids. Not fancy clothes, but cute themed holiday stuff. Intervention needed, since it can be worn for approximately 43 seconds. K thanks.

8. Oh also! My new strategy in Christmas shopping is just snapping a photo of everything I see when I’m out. Lots of random photos on my phone but it’s working super well. Not that I buy anything before, like, November 20. I adore the hustle and bustle.

9. Have you ever had an emotional cold. Very into this idea.