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Happy Saturday!

Guys! Yesterday I posted my Thanksgiving timeline and It is so fun to talk timelines of the crazy day.

And don’t forget about my holiday entertaining guide!! It has tons of tips for Thanksgiving too. Oh AND! You have FIVE more days to get signed copies of The Pretty Dish for the holiday season! I’m doing as many signed book plates as you want so you can gift the book to friends and family!

This week? My annual gift guides are starting! I’ve shared gift guides for seven years now and it’s one of my favorite things. I like to have them done for you guys by Thanksgiving… even if I barely have started my own shopping…

I hope you guys have a great one! Who is having Friendsgiving?!

Favorites of the week

This looks like the most delish chocolate cake ever.

Caramelized cinnamon toast! WHAT.

Lovely little pumpkin ganache cupcakes. Cute.

Swirled cranberry cornbread muffins. Yesss.

Craving this creamy roasted cauliflower soup.

Blackberry lavender almond cake? That flavor is calling my name.

These quick roasted tomatoes look amazing.

This pear frangipane tart is gorgeous.

Cheesy sweet and garlic potato stacks are so good. Want.

How creative are these rainbow cookies?!

Stuffed roasted pumpkin? Wowza.

Well this pumpkin tahini loaf is incredible.