tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have terrible news. The new peppermint bark Oreos? Um… they are amazing. And I don’t even care about Oreos. Run and get them.

2. As the weather gets chillier, my favorite thing at the moment is when Max says “there is frosting on the roof!” He means frost. But let’s all please call it frosting. Forever.

3.  Okay so since I always tell you about my weird internet surfing habits late at night, my current one is looking at ocean animal-themed instagram accounts. Yep. All sorts of videos and photos about ocean life. WHY?

4. Have you seen (or, uh, participated in?) the prank of asking your mom about microwaving a turkey for Thanksgiving? Some of the threads are making me laugh out loud.

5. Right now I’m finishing up Elin’s book and then starting Michelle Obama’s book and then I want a good, cute Christmas read! Any recs?

6. Oh oh oh AND! Very into the Origins podcast all about Sex and The City. Could still watch it from start to finish. You have to listen to it!

7. This past weekend I saw Josh Groban (major not-so-secret crush on him) and his opener was Idina Menzel. My mind was seriously blown from hearing voices like that. Can you imagine what it’s like to be able to sing like that? Both of them make it look so effortless.

8. How to get all your work done in a 4-day work week. YEP.