tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. How incredible adorable are these soft sugar cookies?!

2. I’ve had a few questions asking what planner I’m using for 2019, and my answer is The Passion Planner again! I used it all this year and really loved it. It has everything I want (and need) but still feels minimalistic in a way. I love that soft bound book that I can transport around if necessary. This has also been the year that I’ve adopted using google calendar.

3. Eddie has fully embraced Elf on the Shelf this year. The elf has gone zip lining in the kitchen and today, is making a snow angel out of sprinkles in honor of Max’s birthday.

4. YES today is Max’s birthday and I can’t believe it. He is FOUR. What? How? When? Life is flying by in a blur and it’s scary. He made the cookies up above and I can’t even take how he decorated the gingerbread cookie. I want to frame it.

5. Definitely laughing out loud at this delivery of an amazon christmas tree.

6. TV things! How about that ending of A Million Little Things? Eeeeep! We also watched The Escape at Dannemora and it’s so interesting. Annnd I’m still binging all the Christmas movies. This is THE YEAR that I got into Hallmark movies. Every night. Me, my computer and Hallmark channel.

7. What are your plans for New Year’s Eve? I am obsessed with staying home (it’s my fave!) but I really want to start some sort of new tradition, whether it’s a game or a snack. You know?

8. I’m very into the whole weighted blanket thing. I don’t have one, but I want one. If you have one, give me the deets please.

9. Speaking of, do we like New Year’s resolutions posts? Or no.

10. I have two Christmas playlists so far this year (and one more coming!) but I can’t forget what is probably my favorite Christmas album of the last few years: Dave Barnes! It’s so good.