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It feels like it’s been forever since I did a regular beauty favorites post. January has been a million years long, and in December I shared my best beauty discoveries of the year. I can’t wait to hear about the things you guys are loving right now!

First. Huge beauty junkie news! Guess what I finally did? Got eyelash extensions. I’ve only been asking you guys about them for, like, five years and I finally bit the bullet. I know. Very important.

Here’s the thing. I’ve worn false eyelashes (the single clumps) since I was 18 (!!!) so let’s just say… I’ve been ripping out my eyelashes using those since then. I don’t use them every single day but I use them a few times a week – and then I’d use a full strip of lashes if I was really going all out. My lashes have never been long, ever.

The thing I was most worried about was having a reaction to the glue. I’ve seen horror photos online and I have fairly sensitive eyes. But again, I’ve used lash glue and false lashes for so long that after years of debating, I was ready to take the chance. I knew it wasn’t the same kind of glue, but I didn’t have any sort of reaction, so that was great! I know that many people’s lashes are scary when they come off. I also know some people who have their same regular lash length after. I’m not planning on taking them off any time soon, so we shall see and I’ll keep you guys posted!

The only adjustment I’m having is dealing with my contacts and water in my eyes. So if I’m sweating or showering with my contacts in, I can’t necessarily rub my eyes (you know what I mean?) like I used to and then my contacts get all screwed up. If my contacts are out, it’s not an issue.

I very much miss using cleansing oil around my eyes too. The first few days I was still doing makeup on my eyes (not eyeliner, but the Milk eye pigment, lower lash mascara, etc) but it is so tricky to remove. Like I couldn’t remove it completely no matter how hard I tried. I’m used to rubbing the oil on and it removing everything instantly. So removing my makeup has now added like ten minutes to the nighttime skincare routine.

All that aside, I love them. Like LOVE them.

After all that rambling, here are a few things below that I’ve been loving in January!

january beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

my Slip Silk Pillowcase. I got this a few years ago and have used it off and on, but now I’m using it every night and it makes such a difference with these crazy eyelashes!

Bite Beauty Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon. These lip crayons are always some of my favorites. I think one may have been in my first favorites post! I got two of these shimmer ones after Christmas and I love them. I like Bite products and these are matte, but both sparkly and comfortable to wear. So pretty. I got Rose Glace (everyone asks me about this color when I wear it!) and Cherry On Top.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. I’ve raved about this before but it’s just so good for nighttime. My lips have been super dry with the colder weather and this saves them! They now have a vanilla version (omg) and I use it along with Burts Bees and the Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy.

Fenty Gloss Bomb Universal in Fussy. OMG. I LOVE THIS too. I have the original shade but the color is so much more suited to my skin tone. This smells amazing, feels incredible on the lips and is super pretty.

Too Faced Born This Way Sculpting Concealer. Another one I adore. I discovered this last fall and it’s so much better than Shape Tape. Not as thick or as drying. Easier to work with and apply!

Kopari Deodorant. I am weirdly impressed by this deodorant. It smells incredible. It actually works. It is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried. Ever!

KP Duty Scrub. Another repeat over the years but the winter months is when I use this the most. I rarely buy scrubs anymore and just make my own, but this one has chemical exfoliation in it as well, and it really helps that bumpy skin on your arms and legs! It’s actually the only thing I’ve ever found to be effective, along with moisturizing daily. I’ve used this and the cream for almost 10 years and always have them in my bathrooms!

january beauty favorites I howsweeteats.com

So what are you loving right now in these dreary winter months?! Let me know below!

I’m very intrigued by both the new Drunk Elephant retinol as well as the Sunday Riley one. Some of the not-so-great reviews have me convinced that I don’t need it, and I love my current skincare routine so much right now. The Dr Dennis Gross version is incredible.

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