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1. This has officially been the longest I’ve ever stepped away from Tuesday Things! So many things I want to discuss are no longer relevant (hello, Macaulay Culkin + google home alone ad) and I had to hold actual conversations with friends instead of coming here and rambling all of my embarrassing thoughts.

2. Avocados are pretty terrible right now, so the day after Christmas I bought a 32 ounce container of guacamole from Whole Foods for $16. Insane, but delicious. Their guac is SO good. And this was perfect for entertaining the rest of the break! Well. Two days later I walked into kitchen to Eddie DUMPING THE GUAC DOWN THE SINK. There was over three quarters of the container left. He said that the “top layer looked brown so it was bad.” For the record, he doesn’t eat guacamole and for the record (again), I’m still talking about this. Oh and for the record it was like the slightest top level that had turned. Fury. That’s all I felt. Do people divorce over guac?

3. This hot chocolate cake is what my dreams are made of.

4. On building a life I didn’t want. This is wonderful. I relate so much because I want to be with my kids all the time and be HERE with them and live everyday life with them.

5. TV! Dirty John is killing me! It’s so good. So, so good but still leaves me super uneasy afterwards. Oh, we also watched Dumplin one night while we were finishing wrapping gifts. It was lovely. Have not watched BirdBox. I don’t think we will. I have started watching Marie Kondo’s show but feel… underwhelmed? Or something? Some of it is inspiring (like the accumulation of clothes and papers and sentimental things, etc) but it’s almost like they aren’t showing me enough of the process to get hooked. I don’t know! I did read the book and love it back then.

6. If you haven’t read about the man ordering a box of crickets from the internet yet… you must.

7. I was dyyyying over so many looks from the Golden Globes. I loved Julia Roberts look. LOVED it. But also loving Regina King, Nicole Kidman, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Lady Gaga, Kristen Bell, Gemma Chan and Emily Blunt! I can’t pick a fave.

8. Ina is dreamy.

9. Max was a great eater until around a year ago, but there have still been things he has always eaten without question. All of a sudden last month, he decided he hates the crust on bread… even though he has eaten it for three years. Yes. How does this happen in kids’ brains? I don’t get it.

10. This made me laugh. What happened to coffee in 2018?!