tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’m having a huge moment with bircher muesli. I’ve never made it before and it’s so much better than my regular overnight oats recipe. It keeps me full for at least five hours.

2. How stunning is this candied orange olive oil cake?!

3. OMG. So I watched all of You on Netflix last week. I got hooked. It was so creepy but I weirdly liked the character. I found it to be very Dexter-esque. And! I was so excited to see another season of Friends From College. I blew through that this weekend too  (30 minute episodes kill me) and I LOVE the show. I mean, I actually laugh out loud. Fred Savage is hilarious. But then Eddie kind of ruined it for me when he’s like… these characters are TERRIBLE PEOPLE why do you like them?! Whomp whomp.

4. If you’re looking for meal planning inspo, we’re going to open up Sweet Peas Meals again soon for membership – you can get on the waitlist here!

5. Did you see all the craziness on twitter about Marie Kondo + getting rid of books? I have no problem getting rids of things, but I am such a huge lover of books that I rarely EVER get rid of them. I just can’t do it.

6. Speaking of, what to do with all that stuff that doesn’t spark joy. And 15 things from Marie Kondo that are genuinely life changing. I actually do use the spark joy technique all the time!

7. I am so excited to launch a new series here on the blog later this week: side dish Sundays! Even though I have lots of weeknight dinner ideas under my belt, I often struggle with side dishes. It’s so weird. You guys have told me the same over on IG, so we’re going to solve this together.

8. Organize your to do list by mental state. Obsessed with this.

9. Right now I’m doing a Q+A over on insta stories! It will be up until tonight, so if you have a question, head on over or ask below!