tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I have been in a weird funk for a week and yesterday, it was sunny and 60 degrees! We spent an hour outside and it changed so much.

2. Cannot even handle how the gorgeousness of this clementine pavlova.

3. The celery juice craze is pretty much my worst nightmare. But I want all the benefits! Have you tried it?

4. TV things! I did really like a Million Little Things but I haaaate that they are dragging out this one thing. I don’t know how the story moves forward without it but now we’re getting into ridiculous territory, right? Can I also just say that I hate that it’s on Thursdays. Ha! I really liked having it on Wednesday nights as it broke up the week. My life is so exciting, clearly. Also! Should I watch Russian Doll?

5. I thought the entire Super Bowl and halftime show were a snoozefest, but did you have any favorite commercials? I love the one with the retired and current NFL plays, along with the Harrison Ford + Amazon one. Eddie was excited about the Sarah Michelle Gellar one – she’s his forever crush.

6. Very interested in Marie Kondo’s skincare routine.

7. I forgot to mention it in my January favorites, but my SIL got me a weighted blanket for Christmas and we.are.obsessed. I mean, I think Eddie, Max and I all fight over it every weekend. When Max takes a nap, he’s like “mama get the heavy blanket.” It’s super awesome.

8. Oooh! So you don’t have to wake up at 4am to be successful!?

9. Speaking of that, what does success mean to you? I’m super curious.