tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I am admittedly not a fan of dates. Actually, scratch that. I do like dates. But I don’t like bars/brownies/cookies that claim to taste like “the best peanut butter chocolate cookie you’ll ever have” only to taste like… dates. See example: Larabars. But these dates dipped in chocolate are the kind that I can get behind. Love this as a snack.

2. Amazing: feeling like you have to turn a hobby into a hustle.

3. Recently saw an article about what not to put in your garbage disposal, and it made me laugh because that is a huge point of contention between Eddie and me. He tries to put EVERYTHING in the garbage disposal, like once I’m pretty sure he put a banana peel down there. It’s one of our biggest fights in the kitchen and utterly hilarious.

4. This past weekend I created a howsweeteats user on the Peloton if you want to follow along! I’ve been riding under that this week and it’s super fun riding with some of you at the same time!

5. TV things! I actually really loved This Is Us last week. Loved the back story of Beth and it was so refreshing to see something else. Per usual, A Million Little Things was so good too. Eeeep.

6. I got so excited when I saw the Aladdin trailer – I think it’s because my mom and I saw the broadway show a few months ago! I’m on the fence about the Lion King but I’m sure I will probably like it. Fun fact: I never liked any animated movies when I was younger until Beauty and the Beast came out. I’ve never seen Bambi or the Little Mermaid.

7. Some of my favorite Oscars looks: Regina King (prob my #1), Angela Basset, J LO, Gemma Chan and Lady Gaga.

8. Speaking of! We had a wind storm on Sunday and right as Bradley Cooper finished his first verse of Shallow, the power went out. It came right back on but the cable takes like 20 minutes to come back to life and I was dyyyying. Their chemistry is insane and I love it but I also think… publicity stunt?

9. I’m obsessed with Nike’s newest ad.