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Happy Saturday!! I love that we are easing into Spring. It’s so rejuvenating!

This week, I shared so many recipes that I love here on the blog! So many of you have already made two of them – the sticky sheet pan chicken and the one pot asparagus pasta. So good! The cashew shrimp I shared yesterday is amazing too.

I also shared my March beauty faves! That’s the best time of month, right?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo

What I’m loving this week:

Roasted pears with halloumi. Yes yes yes!

These blueberry muffins look absolutely perfect.

Bacon wrapped salmon with chimichurri. Yum!

Very into these 30 minute butter chicken meatballs.

Chocolate black sesame cake with matcha mascarpone. What!

Sounds so good: roasted broccoli with white beans.

Lemon cheesecake bars. Oh my word.

Who is up for a 30 minute dinner challenge?

Seared scallops with hazelnut butter. So good.

Loving the sound of meyer lemon risotto.

Carrot cake muffins with cream cheese glaze. Cute.

This honeydew lemonade looks so refreshing. Hello spring!