tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. Oh my word. One pan french onion gnocchi bake. Dead over that one.

2. My phone is autocorrecting the word “good” to FOOD. Why why why. I mean, I use both often, but shouldn’t it know by now? I also loathe the whole face ID thing. How does it still not recognize me all the time.

3. I mentioned a few weeks ago that Max loved to watch some of the cookie decorating clips on my Instagram. He has seen commercials for shows like Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars, etc and now is begging to watch them. It is so cute. I never watched the Great British Baking Show but I’m thinking he and I should watch and episode.

4. Okay so speaking of, what good TV was on this week? Billions was so so good. We just love that show! Also, when will we find out when Southern Charm is coming back on? Can’t wait for it.

5. I love to read but I grew up reeeeally loving to read. I got so lost in stories. So I really enjoyed this article on why kids stop reading for fun. When I think about reading as a kid, for me it was getting lost in the story. Much like it still is now! We read to the kids everyday, but I can’t wait to read novels together too. Like Roald Dahl and Harry Potter, the latter of which I’ve never read.

6. Speaking of books, I love this: what I bought with my Oprah money.

7. I’ve asked before but what is your favorite east coast vacation spot?!

8. Apparently last week I missed that it was the 400th edition of Tuesday Things! So here we are, 401. What.in.the.world.