tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. 100% making this today: iced coconut chai latte! Sounds so super good.

2. I’m almost finished with the Wife Between Us and I can’t decide how I feel about it. I’m very into the story and want to see what happens and have had some moments of not being able to put it down. But I don’t love the book. It’s more so… I’m just dying to find out how it ends. What are you reading right this minute?

3. Can you imagine this: cereal is better with water than milk? Nooooo. I could never. I love cereal so much, it’s major comfort food for me. And I have never liked milk (ever! never drank it as a kid.) but I do like some version of milk with cereal.

4. Lacy sent me this and it is SO good: no more “you never knows” for singles!

5. TV things! I actually loved the season finale of This Is Us. Thought it was so good! Billions too. And I watched the ACMs wishing I could be a country music star in another life.

6. For the last 4ish years we’ve had wasps coming into our house and NO ONE can find the source. It makes me absolutely crazy and now they are back again. Between this and a rogue centipede I’m ready to move.

7. I am SO excited because my friend Rachel (who wrote some amazing articles for Buzzfeed that I would always link here!) has started another site that is incredible. She always has the best tips and recommendations.

8. Okay I might be a crazy person, but I signed up for Trunk Club! I’ve never been super interested in the clothing/stylist services because I love to shop and think half the fun is going to shop. But I saw some IG stories of people getting Trunk Club and they stuff looked awesome. I may love it. Or loathe it. Who knows!

9. How is it only Tuesday. Truth.