tuesday things I howsweeteats.com

1. I’ve been working on putting together our summer reading list (already! I know!) but in the meantime, have a few leftover from winter. I just started This Is How It Always Is.

2. What is this madness?! Chicken alfredo waffle fries.

3. A few of you have requested a Trunk Club update! The first box was okay. I only ended up keeping one shirt, but that’s mainly because the things sent to me were SO wintery (like a very warm cardigan? I’m in Spring mode!) and then I didn’t love the fit of the jeans. I gave tons of detailed feedback so I’m hoping they get better as we go. Still love regular old shopping over this though.

4. Oh and I cannot get on board with this clear shoe trend. I just can’t do it. And I love heels. But I don’t want clear straps or shoes.

5. How Brene Brown gets it done. I love her.

6. I actually watched the GOT battle on Sunday night because I couldn’t help it! I rewatched it with Eddie last night too. I can’t imagine being invested in the show because I had anxiety about everyone. How did they even film this? I read that it took 55 nights? Incredible. I also LOVED the Billions episode. Can’t believe Wendy is cracking, haha.

7. Also I fiiiiinally watched the RBG documentary on a flight last Friday night after wanting to watch it forever. I was both laughing out loud and crying right there on the plane. It was so incredible and if you haven’t seen it, you must!

8. The instagram aesthetic is over. Is it?

9. Okay it’s official! Doing my 50th peloton ride Wednesday morning, woohoo! Riding live at 7am with Ally if you want to join!