april favorites

Today I’m sharing ten things that I absolutely LOVED in April! Would love to hear some of your faves below. 

Good American Chewed Hem Jeans. I don’t think I even have words to sing my praises for these jeans. They are the best jeans I have EVER bought. They are SO high waisted. They have a ton of stretch, but not in that way where they will stretch out too much after one wear. they are so comfortable, short enough that I didn’t need to get them altered (I’m 5’1) and just really cute. This is my first pair of Good American jeans and now I want to try them all.

J Crew Sweater Blazer. I know this has been around forever and I actually got a blush pink version two Spring seasons ago. But it wasn’t until this year when I bought a black one and then a navy one that I FELL in love. It is so comfortable, amazing to wear when traveling and more importantly – makes a casual outfit look put together. I am obsessed.

Rails Tie Waist Blouse. I know that I ramble about Rails shirts often, but they are just so soft. I even bought my mom one last year for her birthday and she couldn’t believe HOW soft. This is maybe my favorite spring piece of all and once that I’ll obvi wear into summer too. So cute. I got the tropic stripe color and it has a ribbon of rose gold through it!

Madewell Whisper Cotton Tank. Last year I talked about the T Shirt versions of this in my Summer Fridays posts a LOT. It is super comfortable and I grabbed the tank version in navy and white this year. I love to wear them under the sweater blazer above too. They are so nice and affordable.

Huggie Hoop Earrings. You know what Bauble Bar fan I am – I love all their gold and neon and fun summer earrings. I bought a few pairs that are SO bright, and these are definitely my fave. Even if they feel very 90s. Ha.

As for music, I am super into country music right now. Well, like country pop. I can’t get enough of everything Thomas Rhett and if you follow me on instagram, then you know that the kids are loving his song Look What God Gave Her. I still love his Tangled Album from 2015 too. AND I can’t listen to enough Eric Church either. We saw him on Friday night in concert and even though it was our third time seeing him, he.was.incredible. Puts on such a good show! I didn’t grow up with any country music (and am basically the only person on my side who is interested in it) but Eddie has converted me, even if it’s more country pop. I’m always into it in spring and summer!

This Is How It Always Is. In full disclosure, I have a few pages left to go but this is SO GOOD. Go go read it now. I love it so much and basically bawled my eyes out at multiple points of the book. Such an incredibly story is written here.

Siete Foods Lime Tortilla Chips. I don’t know what it is about these, but I love them a lot more than other versions of lime tortilla chips. The bag is a nice size because it isn’t enormous. They have some classic lime flavor but they aren’t overly salty. The texture is great. They are just the best!

So Delicious Coco Whip. For years I’ve been making coconut whipped cream with my recipes (because I’m a coconut freak) and now you can buy this version – and it’s dreamy. It’s SO smooth and creamy. It also holds up well in the fridge overnight! It tastes delicious but not too coconutty (I served it to Eddie and he had no idea!) – it’s awesome. I find mine at Whole Foods!

Dang Chocolate Sea Salt Coconut Chips. These things. Oh my gosh. So addictive. So good. I love to eat them alone, just as a snack or treat, but they are also great on things like overnight oats and yogurt or homemade pitaya bowls. Pretty sure I’ve mentioned these in the past, but get your hands on some!

[none of this is sponsored, just like to talk about things that I discover and love over the month. i purchased everything myself. tell me your faves! there may be a few affiliate links above. xoxoxo.]