tuesday things

1. Yesterday I had the biggest pie fail EVER. It didn’t have to do with the crust, but the filling, which after 65 minutes, was basically 100% liquid. It was wonderful. I may have eaten some of the filling with a spoon though…

2. Absolutely dying over this blueberry lavender angel food cake. Insanity.

3. We (read: Eddie) bought the kids (read: Max, I mean Emilia is 18 months…) a swing set/plays et for the back yard and it is obnoxiously huge. Like, I’m pretty sure it belongs at a community playground? Not sure if he realized it or not but I am not taking credit/responsibility for this. HAHAHA. But I guess I should have been more involved?

4. I don’t know if this is a millennial thing or not, but who else feels like it’s already June 25th, so it’s almost the 4th of July, so the summer is almost over? I hate that I do that in my secret brain, but I totally do. I don’t like to rush any of the days away (because the kids are so fun right now) but it’s just how my mind works! So weird. Going to try and train it to work differently.

5. So inspired by this way of meal planning.

6. TV things!! I didn’t even realize it last week, but Yellowstone is back on. Last summer Eddie and I loved it. So we caught up this weekend and thought the first episode was great. Are you watching?! I liked Big Little Lies too but it sort of seemed like a filler episode. AND! Who is watching Euphoria?

7. Laughing so hard at Ryan Reynolds reviewing his own gin.

8. The peanut butter crunch cone at dairy queen is life.

9. I’ve never used the Marco Polo app but soooo many people do and love it and naturally, I’m curious. Do you use it and love it? Exactly how and why do you use it? I don’t really get the point but maybe I’m just getting old.