tuesday things

1. As you know, I LIVE for a month that starts on a Monday! Nothing makes me more excited.

2. How incredible are these summer BBQ bacon cups?!

3. I’ve decided that instagram needs to have a search function for your own posts. I had to scroll back into 2012 to find something on my feed and it took, like, ten full minutes.

4. Love these two tips to become a better conversationalist.

5. Okay, I’m officially obsessed with Euphoria. Eddie likes it too, but in more of a can’t-look-away-from-the-trainwreck way. First, who is the demographic for this show? I think we are so interested in it because social media didn’t exist when we were in highschool (and hello it’s terrifying). Second, I LOVE Jules. And Zendaya is absolutely incredible in this show. Also watched Big Little Lies and why is Meryl so amazingly terrible? I loved Reese’s outfit for the party too, of course. Finally, who watched Divorce?!

6. Have you ever had your kid (toddler, preschooler) be totally right and you be wrong? Max has been in a few camps this summer and swore up and down that he had camp this week. Eddie and I kept saying no, no you don’t, it’s over… until I got a call yesterday asking… where is Max? He’s signed up for camp! Ummm… #mombrain?

7. Oysters or no? I loved oysters until I was pregnant with Max and then I got so turned off. But I’m slowly getting into them again and if they are grilled, count me in.

8. Absolutely obsessed with the idea of this iced peanut butter latte. Making it!