tuesday things

1. Lemon tiramisu cake?! I’m so into this.

2. I’ve maybe talked about this before in the last decade, but do you like (the bottom of) your bedsheets tucked into the bed? Or not tucked in? I know it’s a very controversial subject. Eddie HATES them tucked in and I *need* them tucked in. The problem is he flails and rolls around so much in bed that if they aren’t tucked in, all of the sheets and everything are off the bed by morning! Halp me.

3. Absolutely love this on emotional intelligence – and what we weren’t taught in school.

4. TV things! Okay so I LOVED this week’s episode of Euphoria. I adore Jules and Zendaya as Rue is incredible. I can’t get a read on Nate (other than that he is a horrible human), but there’s obvi more to it given his dad. It’s so good! I also am on the fence about Big Little Lies – I’m having such a hard time watching the kids/custody portion. And I feel like they’ve made the characters so much more awful than the first book. We also are SO loving Yellowstone right now.

5. Travel help! Tell me everything you know and love about 30A and also… do you know or are you a personal chef in 30A?

6. Max is so obsessed with sunsets right now, but more importantly, taking pictures of said sunset. When he sees the sunset, he runs and screams that he “needs a camera to take a picture!” My phone currently houses 50+ terrible quality “sunset photos” (read, like half a wall near a window) but he loves to look at the pictures he takes, so I can’t bear to delete.

7. If you’re an Elin Hilderbrand fan, then you have to read how she became the queen of the beach read.

8. Did you score any deals on prime day? The only thing I sort of wanted is a robot vacuum… but I didn’t bite the bullet. I still want one though!