Here’s a peek at the beauty goods I used the most last month!

july beauty favorites

The beauty junkie in me has been at bay a bit this summer – quick, easy makeup like usual but also not trying a TON of new stuff. One thing I did grab at this Nordstrom anniversary sale is this GHD styler but I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet. I also grabbed a few favorites at the Nordstrom sale, like more Tom Ford Soleil Blanc (best summer scent ever!) and Exfolikate (Eddie loves it more than me) and the jumbo St Tropez. But nothing too new, you know?!

A little bronze, highlight, concealer and I’m good to go. Below is what I’ve really loved!

July Beauty Faves

Vita Liberata Body Blur. I’ve used this for a few years, but this year I started combining it with the Sol De Janiero Bum Bum Cream and I LOVE the combo. It’s touted as “makeup for your body” and I kind of loathe that idea. It really just evens out your skin tone and it doesn’t transfer to clothes. I use the lightest shade in latte light and it’s awesome!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cannabis and Oat Dry Oil. This might be the third time I’m mentioning this, but I love it so much! My skin has sort of freaked out the last two weeks and got even dryer than normal (a mix of sweat/sunscreen/etc?!) and this is just so calming. I still use other oils (like the Luna Oil that I adore) but this one I feel like I can use ALL the time. And it’s so moisturizing and calming.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand Highlighter in Pinkgasm. I went back and forth on buying this and ultimately could not stop thinking about it! It’s super pigmented but really pretty. A little goes a LONG way – I love using a bit on my cheeks and eyes and sometimes that’s all I wear other than some concealer! The color + shimmer is really gorgeous and I think depending on your skin tone, the other shades would be great for the rest of summer.

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder. First, I’m a sucker for hyaluronic anything. Second, I was searching for a good light powder to set concealer under my eyes. I’ve used the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder for years and ran out, and right before repurchasing it, I saw this. I tried a sample, then bought this small container of it because I wanted to make sure I loved it. And I do. WOW. I am obsessed. I only use this under my eyes to very lightly set the concealer and keep it from creasing. It works wonders and I like it even better than the Laura Mercier. I also love this little version of it with the sponge puff for travel.

Supergoop Shimmershade. I am still loving this too!! Oh my gosh, I’ve maybe used it every single day this summer. Even though I have on sunglasses constantly, I love the idea of using an SPF on my eyelids. And the First Light shade is just my favorite thing ever because it’s ever-s0-slightly cool toned.

NudeStix Matte Blush and Bronze in Sunset Strip. This is another repeat for me but the shade it just incredible for summer, especially if you have pinkish/red undertones. This is warmer than I usually like, but it really complements my skin right now and I can get away with it doubling as brush and bronzer, or I use it combined with the Nars bronzer. I use this brush that I mentioned last month to apply it (as opposed to swiping it directly on my face) and it’s easy to use and blends nicely. I do like the brush on the other end of the stick, but that RMS brush is magic! It will probably only be a summer shade for me, but I’m shocked at how much I love it. I use it almost every day.

july beauty favorites

Now… is it totally terrible that since it’s August I’m ready for some fall shades? I can’t wait! Let me know below what you’ve been loving this summer – and what you’re looking forward to for, dare I say it… fall.

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