july favorites

A list of all the things I loved in July! xo


3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Podcast. My sister-in-law has been telling me about this podcast forever and I finally started listening to it. I LOVE IT. It’s charming and warm while giving great guidance for little ones. I’ve taken some excellent things away from this when it comes to disciplining and talking to my kids!

The Unhoneymooners. This was definitely my favorite book of the month! Super cute.

Euphoria on HBO and Yellowstone on Paramount tied for my favorite shows this month. Euphoria can be tough to watch but it’s done so well and Zendaya is amazing in it. Yellowstone is about Montana ranchers and is in the second season – lots of family drama and politics behind the business!

When it comes to music, I’m downright obsessed with all things Lizzo at the moment. Her music is so good and I ran to it everyday while on vacation! My favorite playlists of the month have been this Feel Good Friday one as well as our Boat Drinks playlist! SO summery.


American Spoon Triple Berry Conserve. This has been my favorite jam from American Spoon for years. My family buys multiple jars and we go through them like crazy. It’s delish with peanut butter on toast!

Cameleon Cold Brew Vanilla Concentrate. This stuff is SO good. It has the best vanilla flavor and if you liked iced coffee with milk, you will LOVE this. If you drink it black, you’ll love it too!

Banza Cavatappi Chickpea Pasta. Banza is killing it with their pasta. I love it so much and make it at least once a week for dinner. I just about fell over when I saw they make cavatappi! They also make a chickpea pasta “rice” and I love that too.

Siete Lime Tortilla Chips. I can barely be around these because I love all control. Something about these chips is just fantastic. I love the taste, the thin and crisp texture. These with guac is my summer happy hour treat.


Free People Visor. This visor is everything. I love it so,  so much and basically didn’t take it off last week on vacation. It’s great to throw on to play outside with the kids, water my plants or take a quick walk. It’s comfortable and easy, and most importantly, if you wear it in the beach or pool, you can still lay your head back! As opposed to a full brim hat, where you can’t necessarily lie back. It’s awesome.

Leopard Print Denim Jacket. I bought this at the Nordstrom sale and have ended up LOVING IT. I got it in a size up and it’s super comfortable. I actually wore it on our road trip up and then wore it multiple times in the evenings. It’s so cute!

Marc Jacobs Crossbody Bag. This was another purchase from the Nordstrom sale and I’ve rambled on and on about it! I love the box shape. It fits my phone, wallet and a few other things perfectly. If I’m not using a backpack bag with the kids, I’m using this! I got the black because I didn’t want the words to show up.

Lululemon Love Tank Pleated. New favorite tank, by far! It’s so comfortable, super flattering and I love the colors!

Scout 4 Boys Bag. Another rec from my SIL – she had this bag on our trip and I instantly ordered it on amazon. Eddie is very pro-bags with zippers (and loathes all my open totes that spill out in the car) and since having kids, I have to say he isn’t wrong. This bag is incredible because it zips on top! It holds tons of towels, beach/pool toys, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks – EVERYTHING and it doesn’t come spilling out. I’m in love. Spoiler alert: it is gigantic. Like you will be shocked at how huge it is.


Mezzaluna knife. I’ve mentioned this before but since we’ve been grilling a ton of pizza, this has been my go-to for slicing it. It makes it super easy. It’s also incredible for chopping herbs. Love it.

Sunday Forever Tan Lines Candle. This scent is the epitome of summer. I bought it in Nantucket and live for it. Makes me so happy.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]