tuesday things

1. How fun are these neapolitan thumbprint cookies? I love them.

2. I totally want to pull off the cute hair barrette thing but I just can’t! It looks like I’m TRYING to look 13 years old by wearing them. And I don’t even think I could have pulled them off at 13 years old.

3. Planner update for you! Last week after I asked for suggestions? I tested a few planners out and realized that I really love/need the entire week at a view glance more than anything. So I stuck with the passion planner and got the academic year one. SO glad I did! I still love the day designers and simplified planners, but I love having the hourly spread of each day all laid out for me.

4. Since we are edging closer to Halloween, all of the horror movie previews are starting to show up and like usual I have to throw a blanket over my face. Given that Goosebumps and anything R.L. Stine were some of my favorites as a kid, this makes no sense to me.

5. TV Things! Thoughts on the last episode of Southern Charm? I liked it but thought the whole season was weak. They all seem to be super over it and just doing weird stuff for filming. Have any of you binged Mindhunter yet?! You may remember Eddie and I stayed up until 4AM watching the first season when Emilia was a newborn. We are on episode 8 already! I also finished the last episode of OITNB last week and the entire season was amazing and gut wrenching, And, Yellowstone this past week… eep!

6. The funniest thing I’ve read: an influencer reports for jury duty.

7. Only second to this: I hate this chair. The comments are HILARIOUS. Also, true.

8. Last week I ran into Home Goods and it was fall/pumpkin city. Swore I wouldn’t buy any fall decor and came out with a cart full. Putting myself in time out!

9. Super excited that there is a big sephora sale! If you want a peak at my favorite products (that I ramble about CONSTANTLY), here they are.