2019 fall reading list I howsweeteats.com

Just in time for the first official day of fall, I’m sharing my autumn reading list with you! Don’t mind me while I curl up with (iced) pumpkin coffee and a chunky blanket and live on the couch and ESCAPE into book land.

My list for fall or winter is never as large as my summer reading list. But I want to up my reading game for these last few months of the year. I always struggle this time of year. But my goal is to have my head in a book right before bed (which is often what happens) and NOT be on social media, so having a list to go through is key.

I’ve been mentioning some of my reads in Tuesday Things ever since Summer Fridays ended, but I may start doing a more dedicated book post each month. What do you guys think? It’s easier to keep track that way.

Let me know what is on your fall reading list below in the comments! xoxoxo

American Royals. Reading this now and loving it. It’s such a light, fun read and exactly what I love.

99 Percent Mine. I don’t know why I haven’t read this yet since I loved The Hating Game so much!

Speaking of Summer. I am fascinated by the reviews and storyline. Have to read this.

The Secrets We Kept. This book is everywhere and I can never say no to a Reese pick! It’s definitely out of my wheelhouse but I’m super interested in the story.

The Dearly Beloved. Verrry intrigued by this story.

Pumpkinheads. Remember when I went through a huuuge Rainbow Rowell stage a few years ago? It’s been so long since I’ve read anything by her and this seems totally different for me (a graphic novel!), but it also sounds like the fall book of my teenage dreams. Like Saved by Bell, but fall. And it’s a quick read!

Royal Holiday. Sounds very American Royals-esque so I will probably love it.  (out 10/1)

Right After the Weather. Super intrigued by this story and can’t wait. (out 10/1)

The Giver of Stars. I don’t gravitate to historical fiction, but this story sounds incredible. (out 10/8)

What Happens in Paradise. Per usual, I cannot WAIT for Elin’s newest book this season. Love her winter series. (out 10/8)

Olive, Again. Can’t wait for this one! (out 10/15)

Twice in a Blue Moon. I loved the author’s book The Unhoneymooners, so I’m hoping this one will be good too. (out 10/22)

And a few nonfiction ones I’m very much looking forward to:

Over The Top. Can’t even wait for this one! (9/24)

Inside Out. Always so intrigued by celeb’s books. (out 9/24)

Know My Name. I followed this story and have been waiting for her book. (out 9/24)

Little Weirds. I love Jenny Slate, enough said. (out 11/5)