tuesday things

1. I was never really a pop tart kid (I mean, why couldn’t the frosting go all the way to edges?!) but these homemade ones from Ted’s Bulletin may turn me into one.

2. Losing it over these blackened shrimp tacos on pink tortillas! It’s taco Tuesday after all.

3. GUYS. My Target still doesn’t have fall decor out on the shelves! I mean there are a few pumpkins, but not much. I’m actually stunned. And sort of happy that the rush has seemed to slow down? I swear last year the stuff was out in August.

4. Absolutely dying over these people who accidentally texted their boss. SO much anxiety reading those.

5. TV things! So The Affair is crazy to me but I am weirdly hooked. And I really want Noah/Helen together which is horrible of me. The previews for a Million Little Things look amazing too. Can’t wait!

6. Have you seen the previews for Joker with Joaquin Phoenix? It looks crazy good to me. And that says a lot because I’ll never get over Heath Ledger’s joker character. Loved him so much.

7. 25 women on their first big break.

8. Tell me: if I were to start filming (more professional!) videos for you often, what kind of videos would you like?! Halp me, I’m indecisive.

9. On finding a life balance and work burnout. It’s so good.

10. I am this many years old. DYING.