tuesday things

1. Had the best apple cider donuts of life this past weekend, which made me question why I would eat any other donuts, ever. You know? Like why waste another bite on a donut that isn’t the apple cider one?

2. Pretzel and potato chip blondies. WHAT.

3. I’m super rejuvenated by the fact that there are 99 days left in the year, but also sort of freaking out. There are goals I reached and others I haven’t. Do you make a plan for the last few months of the year?

4. What famous women say about achieving success later in life. Oh my gosh I love love love this.

5. I’ve definitely asked you before, but what do you define success as? Money? Happiness? A title?

6. TV things! I was super annoyed with The Affair, didn’t really feel like we needed to see an entire half an episode of Sierra’s perspective?! Also can someone please pretend that it’s 2005 again because the DWTS cast is so good and I am living for it. Totally worth DVRing and watching later!

7. The best news of last week was that The Seven Lives of Evelyn Hugo is going to be made into a movie! I don’t know if I’m sad (because nothing can ever live up to that book for me) or glad (because the story is incredible).

8. These are the words people can’t spell. This made me laugh but I totally agree with some of them, especially nauseous! I can never spell it correctly.

9. My #1 emmy best dressed was Mandy Moore. Those colors were so incredible! I also looovved Kerry Washington’s outfit and Billy Porter’s with that HAT! Stunning.