tuesday things

1. We’ve entered the phase of life where we are stepping on legos and losing our minds. My personal favorite is when Eddie steps on one at 4AM and screams so loud you’d think the world was ending. Funny though, when the kids step on them, they don’t say a word and it doesn’t even seem to bother them! It’s just he and I who feel like there are nails going into our feet. And it’s always the rouge clear lego that you can’t see.

2. Found this on Rachel’s site and it’s unbelievably interesting: inside the world of the royal press.

3. I haven’t got a pair of Rothy’s yet (do you love them?) but I’ve gone to the website a million times to browse. Not sure what it says about me that I like the kid print options better than the adult…

4. Ridiculously excited that Elin’s new book comes out today. Going to start it this week!

5. TV things! Loving a Million Little Things and I was still super into This Is Us too. The Affair was crazy, especially the Joanie part and that little twist.

6. If you do most of the cooking in your house, you may love this article! It really is so much more than cooking, right?

7. So excited because the passion planner is offering a new daily planner! It’s kind of a mix between a planner and a bullet journal which sounds perfect for me. While I loooove bullet journaling, I also can’t find the time each week to even make the simplest plan design in mine and find I’m way more productive with a structured planner right now. This looks like the best of both worlds.

8. I usually miss the boat on Canada’s Thanksgiving since it’s so much earlier than ours here, but in case you’re celebrating next week, I made you a Thanksgiving tab right here of all my favorite recipes! Lots of new stuff to come over the next month.