2019 kitchen gift guide by howsweeteats

One of my favorites of the year – my 2019 kitchen gift guide is here! It’s chock full of everything I’ve loved this year and a bunch of things I’ll be gifting to family and friends!

My 2019 Kitchen Gift Guide Favorites

KitchenAid White Hobnail Mixer. My favorite of all the stand mixers, I adore that this now comes in white. It is so beautiful! 

Wooden Heart Spatula. I just think this is the cutest.

Weekly Meal Planner Pad. I absolutely love these pages and that there is a grocery list attached.

A fish spatula. I basically use this spatula for everything! 

Smeg Juicer. I’ve raved about this for almost two years now and it might just be my favorite kitchen appliance, which sounds crazy, but it’s so fantastic for citrus season. Best orange juice ever. 

An adorable kitchen canister is the best gift. I find places to use them all over the house – even in a cabinet or pantry. But this one is so cute it has to stay out!

Floral carved lazy susan. I bought this a few weeks ago and I am in loooove. It’s gorgeous in the center of your table, but then it’s useful too! Set some cheese, nuts, jam, crackers and olives in bowls and you can spin it around. It’s show stopping in person.

½ gallon Stasher Bags. I know I mentioned these in my stocking stuffer gift guide, but if you cook a lot, these are incredible for breading, marinating, seasoning and leftovers. It’s a great size. 

Parchment Check Colander. I might use a strainer in my kitchen more than anything else, even a knife. Between washing a billion berries a day (my kids’ fave food!), draining and rinsing beans and draining pasta, it’s always out. I love that this one is cute enough to display.

My favorite dish towels. You know when you’re partial to that perfect towel in your kitchen? These are mine. 

My quick go-to citrus juicer. If I need juice quickly for a dressing or sauce, this is the one I use. It’s the best. 

Finex Cast Iron Skillet. You’ve probably heard me talk about how my mom uses a 100+ year old cast iron skillet. This is the only one I’ve purchased that measures up to hers. 

Tealight Brie Baker. Not sure how I haven’t had this in my life until now. Don’t want to turn on the oven? You can still have brie! 

Bodom Double Walled Pavina Glasses. These are the only cups I drink coffee out of in my house. They make such a great gift. 

Shield Cheese Board Markers. These are the cutest markers I’ve ever seen! Love them so much. 

Kale Razor. I included this last year in my gift guide and I had to bring it back by popular demand. If you eat a lot of kale salads, this is for you.

Convertible Cheese Board. This is amazing. So compact, but unfolds to make a big cheese board space. 

Indoor Herb Keeper. The only way I survive the cool weather months and my love of fresh herbs!

Food52xGreenPan Nonstick Oval Roasting Pan. I haven’t stopped raving about these since buying it a few months ago. It is INCREDIBLE – the best pan I’ve ever bought. The other ones in the collection are also fantastic.

MacKenzie Childs Royal Check Stock Pot. This is one of my favorite pieces to keep in my kitchen. It’s stunning and is great decor for the cooler months when you make a lot of soup.

Beehive Salt Cellar. Could this beeee any cuter? Sorry, I had to. 

Personalized Recipe Board. I absolutely LOVE this. Now that I’m getting older, personalized gifts go such a long way. This is one of the most meaningful things I can think of for someone’s kitchen. 

A Chocolate Shaver! YES. This exists. Perfect for cakes, cupcakes, hot chocolate and pretty much… everything.

Weber Genesis E315 Grill. I have worked with this grill all year (this is not sponsored!) and it is the grill that has made my fall in love with grilling. The quality is incredible for the price. 

Pro Vegetable Chopper. While I chop veggies all the time, I discovered this earlier this year while shooting recipes for my next book. We had to chop SO MUCH STUFF, and this was incredible. It doesn’t replace knives in my everyday cooking, but I can see someone who doesn’t love to cook/chop absolutely loving it.

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]