tuesday things

1. Freaking out over these cereal milk cinnamon rolls.

2. I mentioned this on instagram last week, but some years I am not in a decorating mood until December and others I am in one come November 1. This year, I am READY. I want to decorate for Christmas EVERYWHERE and make it a magical Christmas wonderland.

3. The one thing I don’t have done is any Christmas shopping, but I never do. I love the hustle and bustle of the season. However, my amazon cart is full just waiting for me to push a button!

4. How to drink your coffee without any sweetener. Guys I need this.

5. TV things! Guys I’m actually still reeling from the finale of The Affair. I loved a Million Little Things too but am wary about the DNA results, right? And I watched the new Rob Lowe/Kristen Davis holiday movie on Netflix too. It was so cute!

6. If you follow along with my beauty posts, you know I got a La Mer mini sample size during the sephora sale. Guys, I put it on my face and it is so thick that it felt like I was rubbing diaper rash cream all over my face. Insanity.

7. This is so good: why being organized is the best thing I did for my life.

8. We’ve reached a stage in this house where the kids are ganging up on us. Max and Emilia are now being sneaky TOGETHER, like yesterday I found him sitting on the dining room table, digging into the last of Emilia’s birthday cake and sharing it with her. It was kind of hilarious?

9. The best news of the season: Max asked me to play the “naughty dog christmas song” and I was like what? He meant Feliz Navidad. It’s been his favorite song for two years but this year, he thinks that’s how it goes.