january favorites

A list of all the things I loved in January! xo


Heart Sunglasses. Lacy gifted everyone these at her bachelorette party and they are so fun and so cute. I can’t believe how many compliments we get on them – and they are even more fun for valentine’s day!

THE AMAZON COAT. Yes. I did it. I bought it. Lacy got it for Christmas (after we had deliberated it over it for a year+) and the minute I saw it on, I just about it. It is so, so, so cute. And ridiculously warm. I absolutely love it. She got the green, I got the navy.

Love Script Earrings. I have these in gold and they are my new favorite earrings. Cutest!

Flourish pullover. I bought this was a christmas gift card and I am OBSESSED. The color is so gorgeous and it’s just so flattering. It’s slightly more cropped that I love, but it’s not too bad, plus it’s banded on the bottom and sort of blouses over. It’s so cute!


My turkey taco stuffed peppers. No lie, I probably make these once a week. We love them so much.

B Powered Superfood Honey. I’ve been using this in my overnight oats and I love it! I’ve put it on a few yogurt bowls too.

Compartes Coney Island Waffle Cone Chocolate. OMG. Some of the best chocolate bites ever. Just try it!


Regretting You. It was by far my favorite book of January (and really the last few months!).

Brooks and Dunn Reboot. I don’t know how I missed this album last year. Most of you know that I never was into country music until I got to college, so I missed a lot of the early artists that Eddie loved and grew up with. I am OBSESSED with this album – the mix of their songs with the newer artists I love. It’s so good.


Barefoot Dreams Frozen 2 Blanket. Okay so I bought this for Emilia but we’ve all basically stolen it. You know these are our favorite blankets on earth and this one is just so cute!

Milk + Oatmeal Hand Soap. I am in LOVE with this scent. I bought it in the candle and bubble bath too. It’s like a warm, creamy, comforting scent but it’s not sweet. It reminds me of an almond oatmeal soap my grandma used to buy.

Vanity Organizer. This has changed my toiletry game in the bathroom closet. It’s the most useful piece of organizing equipment I have (ha!) – my (soon to be) SIL got it for me for Christmas and I just love it.

[none of this is sponsored, i just love to tell you what i love every month! there are a few general affiliate links above! xo]