tuesday things

1. This week we’re doing a cookbook shoot and OH MY GOSH you guys the dishes in this book are going to be top notch. I can’t wait for you to see!

2. How cute is this valentine’s day snack board!

3. I’ve shown my mom’s intricate village under her Christmas tree on instagram before. It’s still up and yesterday, Emilia decide she had enough of not touching it and within 5 seconds snuck out of sight and took a sweeping toddler hand to the village. It was crazy and also so hard for my mom and I not to laugh when we asked her WHY. We were shocked, Emilia was shocked. She just looked at us like… I’ve had enough of not touching this for two months. HA!

4. TV things! I haven’t watched a ton, but I started Cheer on Netflix last night (omg) and Eddie and I watched the Aaron Hernandez special (also omg).

5. But! I have been reading up a storm this month (which means there is no good TV on, basically!) and currently on The Better Liar. I don’t know if I LIKE it, but I am sucked in. At the end of the month I’ll do a round up of everything of read too! What are you reading now?

6. Did you watch the SAG awards? I did watch in real time and get the hype about Brad and Jen. It has to be this 90s nostalgic thing we have as millennials, right? Because I don’t REALLY want them back together – he treated her like garbage!

7. I adore Grace’s blog and love seeing inside her apartment.

8. Our snowfall this year has been the worst – as in, no snow at all. The forecast a bunch and we get an actual 1/4 inch. I just want a weekend of being snowed in!

9. How to calm yourself while worrying.