This week is going to taste SO good.

what to eat this week

It’s full of flavor, lots of easy meals and things you can prep ahead! I love that.

what to eat this week

Monday requires a little comfort food and we’re keeping it meatless with my favorite tomato soup with grilled cheese sticks. This is the BEST tomato soup ever. I think it’s even better than the one at Nordstrom cafe, which is what I based the recipe on! I always try to make a green vegetable with dinner, and my fallback is always my parmesan broccoli. It’s easy but! You can also just throw some fresh spinach in your grilled cheese. I did that for Emilia yesterday and it was a hit.

Next up, we have this mediterranean kale salad with chicken and quinoa. I love when a salad is hearty and has lots of add-ins that give it texture and satiety. This is that! You can make all the ingredients ahead of time and store them separately until assembly.

My baked black bean taquitos are next on the list. You can prep the black beans ahead of time and these are such a delish crunchy dinner. They feel more indulgent than they are! If you want to make the meal even more hearty, you could add my cool ranch kale salad on the side.

One of our go-tos are my amazing homemade sloppy joes. We love these so much that I’m considering putting a version in my new book! I often use all lean ground turkey with this recipe. It reheats wonderfully and everyone goes crazy for these! I’ve even eaten this on salads, on top of sweet potatoes and as a stand alone with some veggies!

Yesterday, I made this kung pao cauliflower on my instagram stories and it is just so good – I had to add it to this list for the week! I love to serve this with brown jasmine rice or quinoa. It’s super satisfying too!

I’m keeping my green goddess tuna melts in mind for lunch. Even if you work out of the home, you can do this with the melting part. It’s still delicious!

And if you feel like making an extra special breakfast one day this week? I highly suggest this oatmeal latte. Oh yes.

what to eat this week

What are you eating this week?!