tuesday things

1. Guys. Yesterday I accidentally ordered six BAGS of limes instead of six actual limes. Halp me. Max asked me what I’m going to do with “all those green lemons.” I just about died. Oh, by the way, I now have 72 limes.

2. If this is was a chocolate quinoa cake looks like, I’m in.

3. Emilia’s latest escapade this past week was finding a bottle of my self tanning drops and covering herself in them. The things she manages to do in .2 seconds…

4. I love these work hacks! I’ve used time batching for years and it has changed how I do so many things in my life.

5. TV things! So last week I watched This Is Us (I’m into it right now and very invested in Kevin/Sophie), Grey’s (can’t stand the current storyline(s), and a Million Little Things (best.show.ever. but stop with Gary and Maggie. Now it’s like… I’m over it.) Also, who is ready for Homeland to come back? Honestly it’s been so long that I almost don’t care, so they better knock it out of the park.

6. Thoughts on the Super Bowl half time?! I loved it but I’ve always been a diehard J Lo fan. GOALS.

7. Would you name your child after a fictional character? After I read this, I thought about it… I would be okay naming from a book, but probably not a TV series. And I don’t know why.

8. One of my all-time favorite comfort foods is honey nut cherries and bananas. Not pizza or cake – cereal with bananas! It’s one of Eddie’s too and we go through months of never buying it, then we get a box and all bets are off.

9. Here are 78 new emotions. This made me laugh.