tuesday things

1. OMG – valentine’s mix tap cookies. Are you even serious!

2. I saw somewhere on the internet that you can give a bouquet full of pickles. I have to say that as a briney, pickle-loving freak, I’d probably enjoy that more than roses any day.

3. This made my week: bill nye the fashion guy.

4. Never underestimate the comforting power or a chocolate chip covered peanut butter spoon. It’s in my hand right now.

5. TV things! Did you watch Homeland? I had such a hard time getting into it mostly because I couldn’t even remember the last season. I did really love the episode of a Million Little Things last weekend!

6. Speaking of TV, you know how Max has loved watching baking competitions? Well now there is a lego competition on! He watched Lego Masters last week and just loved it.

7. What happens when you organize your home like the home edit.

8. Favorite look of the Oscars? I loved Regina King’s dress the most! Also loved Penelope Cruz and Brie Larson’s looks.

9. I’ll be sharing all my February reads at the end of the month again, but in the meantime, if you follow on goodreads you can see what I’m reading in real time. I recently finished chased the butterflies (absolutely LOATHED it), jessica simpson’s open book (liked it a lot as expected) and am now on to don’t you forget about me! In case you need some inspo.