tuesday things

1. It is amazing how much of an effect daylight savings has on my mood and energy. I don’t even think I’m that affected by SAD, but the extra light and sun is working wonders. I feel like a whole new person!

2. This horchata coffee sounds incredible!

3. Went on a spring cleaning spree this weekend and it felt SO good.

4. Here are 5 everyday organization hacks. I do none of there. Well, I sort of do #4 of course. And I do #5… for my kids.

5. Emilia is now obsessed with playing with my hair and brushing my hair. I feel like I’ve been waiting my entire life for this! It’s like a relaxing massage.

6. TV things! While I know there are a lot of things we can discuss, how about the most important: Alex’s ending on grey’s. WHAT? I mean… WHAT? I do not get it. Yes I read what Ellen Pompeo and others have said. I think it’s terrible all around and I sort of want to stop watching, hahaha.

7. Probably have watched the Kate McKinnon/Elizabeth Warren flip the switch 300 times by now. It is THE BEST.

8. Embarrassed to say that while I’ve been ranting about how ugly dad sneakers are, go ahead and add some hologram and neon to them… and I sort of want a pair. Nooooo.

9. I can’t believe are you there god, it’s me margaret is finally going to be a movie!